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"Everything about the job was indeed amazing and very satisfying. Kudos to the whole team - Especially the Supervisor for her fantastic support and guidance."

You will be trained comprehensively on all aspects of calling, from how to introduce yourself, the topics of conversation you can have, the various aims of the call how to ask for donations in a professional way and what to do if people say 'yes' or 'no' and we will prepare you for a whole range of scenarios. The training will cover everything.

"I have just graduated with a First Class History degree from LSE, am due to start the law conversion course in September and have a training contract with the Magic Circle law firm, Allen & Overy, lined up in 2009."

"My two weeks spent calling on behalf of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School gave me benefits in several spheres. Perhaps most obviously, I found it strengthened my inter-personal skills. As I did not know any of the alumni whom I called - nor was I meeting them face-to-face - it was important to build a rapport with them before asking them for donations or other support. I have found this skill invaluable in subsequent encounters. For instance, I've had several telephone interviews and I have needed to call people for other similar activities (I was President of the LSE Question Time Society and frequently telephoned potential speakers). Another point which I picked up from my experience was the importance of a good team spirit on a telephone campaign. The callers whom I worked with supported and encouraged one another and there was a real buzz in the calling room whenever a successful call was made."
Alexander George