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Career Benefits

"Many of the people you meet in marketing and sales have no formal training. Calling gave me an amazing grounding which has been invaluable throughout my career since. I still use the skills I developed every day."

You will learn great life skills: to contact someone you have never spoken to, build a relationship, explore their interests and motivations and show them all the ways the relationship can be deepened for mutual benefit, explain what we are trying to achieve, invite the to take part through a donation and negotiate that involvement to a defined conclusion. Lawyers, doctors, bankers, teachers, business people, civil servants, engineers… we use these skills throughout our working lives.

Companies recognize the skill-set this work demands and a good reference from the campaign opens doors. Hence this job is a great thing to put on your CV. With so much feedback from those called on who can offer work-placements, you have first pick on a huge range of internships. Small wonder callers often do campaign after campaign.

"By far the most important aspect of working on telephone campaigns was gaining the ability to speak confidently and persuasively to complete strangers on the phone. People often underestimate how difficult it is to build a rapport with a relative stranger in a matter of minutes, and then go on to put forward a coherent argument and defence for a given fundraising campaign. The success of RBA campaigns is testament to the fact that their callers are clearly able to do this, and training is central to this".

"Although it is much easier for naturally confident and chatty people, I felt that I was able to get key communication skills through the campaign, that otherwise I would not have developed as a student. If I had not participated on the campaigns I worked upon it would taken considerably longer to develop those skills in other professional careers. They are skills which are very transferable and instantly recognisable to potential employers."
Nick Renshaw