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"The experience builds confidence, tests perseverance and also augments personal networks."

Institutions and charities need money. They are committed to public benefit, but rarely funded adequately by the state (if at all). Being a supporter of such a body can be a life-long passion. The relationship can bring personal benefits in career and social life and giving to one's own community not simply makes it stronger, but makes it a more valuable and enjoyable thing to be a part of.

Our campaigns are based on relationship building. If we get that right, people will give. Few people mind putting their hands in their pocket for their membership group. That is where you come inů to make them feel really part of the community today.

You will discuss how they can help with careers, the events they can attend, the publications they receive; you will put them in touch with old friends and tell them about opportunities to get more involved. Also you will ask them to give to well thought-out projects that will make a real difference to the benefit your institution can offer. You will not need to be, nor should you be pushy, but you should not be afraid to ask or to deal with their questions and concerns.

Every evening the team you will be a part of will raise many thousands of pounds and in the future, you will see the projects you worked on and say 'I helped make that happen.'

Despite the fun and the satisfaction, however, we understand you need to earn money, and so the campaign is well paid. And though the calls are demanding (you need to be articulate and think on your feet) everyone being called is connected already to the institution and, if they are being asked for money, they have all been written to and given the chance to decline the call.

"I enjoyed many aspects and found it great training for much of what I do now. The experience builds confidence, tests perseverance and also augments personal networks. I have now taken on the role of President of the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs and experience of calling has been very useful for seeking sponsorship, for example. Of course, it's also a great thing to put on your CV - people tend to be quite impressed."
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