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Some clients want a very comprehensive service, some want to undertake more of the work themselves: all want exceptional reliability. And all want great results, but results achieved though warm, friendly calls that enhance alumni relations, not simply 'getting a gift' at any price. Our approach is shown in a card sent to a caller on one of our campaigns:

Many thanks for the card and the gracious message after our phone campaign conversation last Wednesday. [The College] always seems to 'do things properly' and this was just another instance of just that. I greatly appreciated your call and enjoyed our contact. For a boy (now 80) born into a little village on the Mendips amongst the coal mines of the area to be privileged to come to [the College] was a wonderful experience and over the many years since entering the College in1956 I have kept in touch, staying several times at the magnificent College Guest Rooms. I send my thanks to you and very best wishes for a thoroughly enjoyable and fruitful time at [the College]. Carpe diem!

Some telephone fundraising scripts talk of 'ice breakers' and even 'ask for the same amount three times'. That is not our way. We focus on the relationship. We want to try and ensure many of those who don't give are, after the call, more likely to give in future. At one Cambridge College, more than 15 years ago, we started with a pledge rate of around 50%. Their last campaign got 78%. That comes from thinking long-term and treating alumni as life-long members. And it is an approach designed to lead, in time, to some much bigger gifts. One client has now received a gift of 6m from a donor who, a number of years ago, first gave to the phone campaign, another client had a similar experience, this time the major gift being 2m, a third received a legacy of around Australian $3.75m from a donor who had previously simply given a couple of times on the phone (but who had been asked by the caller if they could send them a legacy brochure with the thank you letter).

Our approach is long-term, systematic and creates high income levels year after year and a rapidly increasing donor base. Coupled to outstanding software and data gathering and analysis, our service offers outstanding value. Find out more about each of our services by clicking the links below. You can also find answers to Frequently Asked Questions by clicking (FAQs) to the left.

Below are just some of the services we are able to offer clients: