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Strategy & Vision

Good fundraisers are neither hunters nor gatherers, they are farmers.

Our thoughtful communication programmes help to nurture all your constituencies.

We are not simply consultants, an out-source, or a quick-fix. We are partners. We bring skills, enthusiasm, technology and success.

Through research, mailings and 'phone campaigns we help you to run a complete contact management regime for all your supporters (whether they are donors, members, alumni, parents, former parents, friends or visitors) thereby providing the type of attention to your mass constituency that was, at one time, only reserved for major prospects. We raise considerable long-term, undesignated income from constituencies who would otherwise give modestly or not at all. More vitally, perhaps, we create a culture of giving that progresses donors through a lifetime of support.

At the heart of this success are the callers. They are not full-time professional fundraisers working off-site they are part of your potential constituency: your students calling your alumni; your parents calling their peers; trainee medics calling for a hospice; art students calling for a gallery. It is our skill at engaging these people for your cause that allows them, as your ambassadors, to change hearts and minds.

Our mission is to globally promote the opportunities to students and beneficiaries, alumni and supporters, and institutions and charities that come from a strong and sustainable community of giving.