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Who We Are

RBA provides consultancy on running successful Regular Giving Programmes. We also implement powerful tools to create a true and sustainable culture of giving at our client institutions.

Typically, telephone fundraising providers attempt to supply the needs of many charity sectors. We think educational philanthropy is very different from other causes. Alumni and parents have deep-rooted connections to their institutions and typical call-centre techniques, about which there has been so much concern recently, are inappropriate. There are many charity telephone fundraising companies. Fewer have specialism in education. But we ONLY work in education. We think this is very important. Educational institutions tend to believe they are unique… and they are right! Every one of them has its own history, culture, style and community. By concentrating on education we can apply our expert knowledge to tailoring our approach to your school, or college or university and listen to the subtleties of who you are without pre-facing our dialogue with the thought 'today I am talking education'. And, actually, it goes a little deeper than that. Education competes against other charities for precious funds. We think it's important you have someone gunning for you who does not just think education matters, they think education is so important they want to spend all their time working for its advancement. Philanthropy is not simply about making a case but speaking from the heart. So we have a simple intent, help educational institutions not merely 'get a result' but build long-term, sustainable cultures of giving and we have helped diverse institutions successfully do this for over twenty years.

John Rux-Burton, Global Managing Director and Founder, worked as a student caller on one of the first campaigns in the UK, subsequently worked in several Development Offices and then founded RBA in 1993. Our client base grew rapidly amongst the UK education sector. We have served the needs of more than 100 institutions and run more than 300 campaigns. In the UK, we have worked with over half the undergraduate colleges in Oxbridge, more than 60 HMC and GSA schools and many universities including Imperial, Aberystwyth and St Andrews. We also have offices in Melbourne and in Hong Kong. Half of the Group of Eight in Australia, half of the universities in Hong Kong and over 10% of the world's top 100 universities have worked with RBA.

Our reputation has been built not only on outstanding results, but also on the reason behind our success, our relationship-based approach with the long-term development of giving cultures in mind. We do not believe relationship building is part of a campaign – it is the heart of it and the only reason donors will support long-term… however good your case. Our reputation for getting constituents to engage in every voluntary and social aspect of the relationship to 'their' charity, as well as delivering long-term income has led to demand for our services from across the world. At the heart of this demand is a reputation for professionalism married to flexibility: our skill is to take a great model – systematised, supported and stable – then make it appropriate to new institutions, sectors and cultures.

We believe education is the most important human activity of all. It transforms the lives of recipients, it generates wealth, it civilises and it uncovers truth for the benefit of all. Whether it is a university pushing back the frontiers of human knowledge or a school taking children and leading them to adulthood and productive and fulfilling roles in society, the work of our educational institutions is vital to us all.

Rux Burton Associates is the trading name of Rux-Burton Associates Ltd (reg UK, Company No 4531787)