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John Rux-Burton has been involved in telephone campaigns since 1993, firstly as a caller then supervisor at Lincoln College, Oxford, and then as a consultant for other institutions. The secret of Rux Burton Associate's success was that we took an American model and injected the alumni relations elements needed to build sufficient trust to make phoning work in the UK.

We have grown over the last few years, typically now employing around 30 staff. Our team consists of experts in every aspect of the campaign process. This is why our programmes work so well. No client has the capacity to assemble such a team; it would simply not make sense to do so. Even if one is running campaigns on an extensive basis, many specialist staff would be under-utilised. Equally, training such a team would be costly and staff turnover would undermine team strength quickly. It would also be difficult to keep that team up to date with industry advances. This is why partnership with us makes such good sense.